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Dental Cleanings and Services in Ocean Springs, MS

Start your year off right by visiting The Dental Arts Center in Ocean Springs, MS! Our office provides comprehensive examinations for your dental health and wellness! We are committed to providing you with a comfortable environment, friendly staff, and quick appointments for both our new and existing customers. Maintain the highest quality of Oral Health today by visiting Dr. Beaugez and his highly-trained team of dental hygienists!
Cleaning Teeth — Cosmetic Dentistry in Ocean Springs, MS

Teeth Cleaning, Laser Therapy and More!

Whether you're coming in for a quick check-up or you're having some pain in your mouth, the team at The Dental Arts Center is prepared to find the best possible solution for your current situation! We provide comprehensive care and services for:
  • Oral Hygiene and Teeth Cleaning
  • Laser Therapy and Deep Cleaning
  • Top of the Line Viewing Technology
  • Fillings
  • Retainers
  • Mini Implants
  • Extractions
  • Root Canals
  • and More!
For an overview of what you might be interested feel free to browse below!

Top of the Line Technology

The Dental Arts Center provides you with the technology and expertise to ensure that you get the quality healthcare you deserve. Our office uses digital x-rays for quicker examination times which mean faster appointments. Additionally, we use intra-oral cameras which allows us to capture images of your mouth and gums at any angle. This reduces the examination time and allows our appointments to be quicker as well.

Dental Hygiene and Teeth Cleanings

Keeping a healthy mouth is extremely important to your overall health. Not only can avoiding the dentist cause a dirty mouth, but it can also allow potential issues to become more severe which results in a more expensive treatment that could've easily been avoided.

Laser Therapy

At The Dental Arts Center, our process for deep cleaning has simplified with the use of laser therapy treatments which reduce the amount of gum swelling and redness. Not only does this reduce the amount of swelling, but it also reduces the healing time and allows incredibly health gums.

Composite Fillings

With white composite fillings, you'll receive the benefits of mercury-free dentistry! These fillings easily blend in with your tooth color and allow for a less noticeable dental alteration. Dental Arts Center is committed to giving you an undetectable, safe, and long-lasting smile.


We urge all of our patients to do everything they can to help their teeth stay straight! With the right practices and use of our retainers, your beautiful smile and bright, healthy teeth are here to stay.

Mini Dental Implants

Our Mini Dental implants drastically help with stabilizing and immobilizing a loose denture. The team at The Dental Arts Center understands that a loose denture can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and irritating. That's why we proudly offer our service which can be completed in as little as one appointment.

Other Dental Service

In addition to the mentioned services, we offer Extractions and Root Canals for the more difficult procedures. We understand that time is priority when dealing with these cases which is why we offer Same-Day Emergency Services to our clients that need immediate attention.